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I'm Susan K. Droney and I write in several genres: children's books, mainstream fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and sensual/erotic romances. I am published by Torrid Books, World Castle Publishing, and Devine Destinies. Please click on the book covers or visit my website at: http://susandroney.com to read reviews, excerpts or to order my books.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Projects Completed!

This has been a busy month! I've finally finished my book Second Chances and two short stories Christmas Dreams and The Fix It Man. These are sensual romances and as soon as I write the dreaded synopsis for each of them, I'm going to submit them...hopefully by tonight. My next project will be to finish The Stalker script.

Gabe will be coming to spend five weeks with me this summer and I'm going to take some time off from writing. He'll be moving to Raleigh this summer and I don't know how often I'll get to see him so I intend to thoroughly enjoy his visit. He's growing up much too fast to suit me. It seems like only yesterday he was born, but he'll be seven on his next birthday. Besides going to the beach, he wants me to help him write his book. He's got quite a good idea for a little guy. Did I say I was going to take some time off from writing? :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Over The Edge Is Released!

Maggie Allen's world of corporate money and power comes crashing down after she is taken by a man who is only out to use her for his own gain. When she is released from a short stint in prison, she refuses to give up, even though no one will give her a second chance. She loses everything and is forced to move to the other side of town, where she is determined to make a new life for herself.

Her life would be perfect if it weren't for Brant Evans, a corrupt police officer who makes it a point of constantly reminding her about her past and everything she has lost. She can't understand his vendetta against her, but she refuses to be intimidated by him, no matter how severe the consequences.