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I'm Susan K. Droney and I write in several genres: children's books, mainstream fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and sensual/erotic romances. I am published by Torrid Books, World Castle Publishing, and Devine Destinies. Please click on the book covers or visit my website at: http://susandroney.com to read reviews, excerpts or to order my books.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hidden Desires

When Sage Ralston takes a job at Boylston Electronics, she soon finds out that her job is more than she bargained for. Under the guise of assistant to the company's owner Charles Boylston, she has actually been hired to spy on her fellow employees. As Sage tries to determine who is sabotaging the company, all evidence points to Connor Michaels who works in the research lab. After getting to know Connor, Sage has her doubts that Connor is the person leaking information about the company and joins forces with the woman to find out who the real culprit is.


Charles drew the curtains in his study, shutting out the brilliant sunlight spilling into the room. His mood was dark and he intended to keep it that way...at least for a little while. Sage Ralston unsettled him. Had he made the right decision by threatening her when she mentioned quitting? Since the conversation, she'd grown distant. She completed the tasks set before her, but he sensed he didn't have her full loyalty.
He sat in the large leather chair next to his fireplace. He loved this room and it was where he spent the majority of his time when he wasn't holed up in his office. Most of the rooms went unused. The only time they were entered, was when his housekeeper and cook Wanda Miller cleaned. He only used her culinary expertise when he entertained, but he paid her well to be at his beck and call.

He'd purchased this house the same day he bought the building for his company. He'd gotten both at a fraction of their true value. Working long hours with the top designers and architects had restored the mansion and office complex to their original beauty. Buffalo had proven to be the opportune city to settle down in and offered him almost everything he wanted at a much reduced price. He loved the city and had spent hours visiting the art galleries and museums, but most of all Niagara Falls. Connor loved the theater district and they'd spent many enjoyable nights having dinner and seeing the latest plays.

He inhaled sharply at the memory of Connor and him returning here after a night on the town, tearing one another's clothes off as they rushed to his bedroom, where they'd made love for hours. He'd loved the lingerie Connor wore and how she'd seductively run her hands up her stocking-clad legs, teasing and tantalizing him with her bedroom eyes and sultry voice. He'd nuzzled her neck, loving the light scent of her perfume as he'd tied her wrists to the bedposts. With her lying there spread eagle, innocent and trusting, he'd become the master of her body and he'd come alive with the power he'd lorded over her. 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Cabin Fever

When Kayla North's car is run off the road during a blizzard, she begins walking down an unfamiliar desolate back country road hoping to find shelter from the worsening storm. Later she awakens naked in a strange bed wondering how she got there. The door slowly opens and Kayla sees a handsome stranger looking at her. Something about him seems oddly familiar, but she is certain she's never met him before.


Kayla slowly opened her eyes. She was warm. She wiggled her toes, relieved that she could feel them again. Where was she and how did she get here? The last thing she remembered was being out in the storm and falling. And being colder than she had ever been before. She glanced around the cozy room. A fire was crackling merrily in a fireplace, a heavy comforter was tucked around her, and a fluffy pillow placed under her head. She breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that she hadn't frozen to death, and thankful to whomever had rescued her and brought her here. She tried to pull herself to a sitting position, but a jabbing pain between her eyes forced her to settle back against the pillow. 

"Hello," she called.

Seconds later a tall muscular form appeared in the door-way. He hurried to the bed.

"How are you feeling?"

"You found me?"

He nodded. "I was worried about you. You'd lost consciousness."

"Why didn't you take me to a hospital?" 

He laughed. "We're snowed in, and besides, the nearest hospital is about forty-five minutes away in good weather. Thank God you weren't seriously injured or I don't know what I would have done. It could be days before the roads here are plowed. I'm just grateful that I found you when I did."


"Maybe weeks, but don't worry, I've got plenty of fire-wood and food."

Kayla raised an eyebrow. "I've got to get out of here. You managed to find me so you can get me to town...it's only a few miles from where I went into the ditch."

He laughed again. "There's already over three feet of snow and more coming. We're in the middle of a full-blown blizzard. We'll be snowed in here for a while so you may as well get used to it. It could be worse. At least I have heat and plenty of food."

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