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I'm Susan K. Droney and I write in several genres: children's books, mainstream fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and sensual/erotic romances. I am published by Torrid Books, World Castle Publishing, and Devine Destinies. Please click on the book covers or visit my website at: http://susandroney.com to read reviews, excerpts or to order my books.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inspiring Quotes – September 23

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is: that one often comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't.Henry Ward Beecher

The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed up in these two - common sense and perseverance.Owen Feltham

The will to persevere is often the difference between failure and success.David Sarnoff

Try not to do too many things at once. Know what you want, the number one thing today and tomorrow. Persevere and get it done.George Allen

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.Dale Carnegie

Perseverance is a great element of success; if you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate you are sure to wake up somebody.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.Helen Keller

Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy! Busy!

The edits and galley for my December Torrid Teaser which contains my two stories Christmas Dreams and The Fix-It Man are completed and I'm anxiously awaiting the cover. I'll post it as soon as I receive it.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back To Work!

I can't believe it's nearing the end of summer. It seems like only yesterday I was picking Gabe up to spend the entire summer with me. This is the first summer in years that he spent his whole vacation with me. I took time off from my writing and only did just what was necessary so I could enjoy his company. As Gabe grows older and is more involved with activities and friends, I know that he won't be able or want to spend several weeks at a time with Amma so I relish every minute I spend with him.

We spent nine exciting and memorable weeks together. He's a whiz when it comes to the computer and showed me a trick or two. It's amazing how quickly kids pick it up. He brought his WII, but I was lost in the dust when it came to figuring out what I was supposed to do.

We even managed an overnight trip to Philadelphia and Gabe finally got to try a Philly Cheesesteak from Pat's. He was fascinated with the subways. Another exciting event for him was having his picture taken in front of the Liberty Bell and touring many historic sites and museums. For a seven year old, he has a lot of interest in our country and its beginnings. It was an added thrill for me seeing everything fresh through his eyes.

Many days we enjoyed visiting festivals and points of interest around New Jersey and in the evenings fishing or sitting around the campfire and enjoying barbeque. We squeezed in a day to go to the Camden Aquarium to see the shark display, too. Gabe was excited to pet a shark…Amma wasn't, but touched one just to make him happy.

The house is quiet since he returned to Virginia Beach a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe he's in third grade all ready. It seems like only yesterday that I witnessed his entrance into the world. Time has a way of flying by and I only wish there was some way I could slow it down for just a little while.