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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Excerpt Wednesday - Deadly Tales - The Ticket

Aside from his obvious joy of making his employees' lives miserable, Harry Ranko had one other passion—playing the lottery. He was constantly waiting for the big one and had grandiose plans for his winnings, which he didn't hesitate to share with Rosie. The money he threw away weekly on the lottery would have supported Rosie and Bart for a month. Ranko was already a wealthy man and he made sure everyone he met knew it. He had no sympathy for those less fortunate-the more money he made, the more he wanted, and the less he wanted to part with.

Every Thursday Harry Ranko called Rosie into his office to check the numbers on his tickets. Why he trusted her with this task he'd never said and she'd never asked, but would dutifully enter his office after the others had left for the day. His small beady eyes widened with glee when he learned he had a winner no matter how small the payoff. It was his obsession.

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