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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Excerpt Wednesday – Silent Dreams

Kami climbed into her king-sized bed and pulled her comforter to her chin. She put her hands beneath her head and stared up at the ceiling. She needed to come up with a plan, but had no clue where to begin. Time definitely was not on her side. Josh had made that perfectly clear. She chewed her bottom lip. She had to be cautious with Blaine, enticing her without letting her know it was a trap. Josh wouldn’t be put off any longer. If only she could think of something, anything, to stall him for just a little longer. She removed her hands and rolled onto her side. She stroked the silk sheet. Her apartment was lavish compared to the rattrap Blaine called home, but if she made one wrong move, she’d be back in the gutter and all of this would be gone in a flash. She blew her breath out. If only Blaine was someone she didn’t care about it would be so much easier. But she did care about her. Blaine was not only her friend, but Blaine trusted her. Kami loved Blaine like a sister and treasured their friendship, but how would Blaine feel about her when she learned the truth? More importantly, Kami wondered how she would ever be able to live with herself after she betrayed Blaine in the worst imaginable way. Her lips trembled as tears stung her eyes. Her breathing became raspy as the threatened tears brimmed, and then fell from her eyes.

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