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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Excerpt Wednesday – The Black Heart

Carter threw his hands up. "What the hell happened, Jake? Does anyone know?" His eyes searched the older man's face for some sort of explanation.

Jake slowly shook his head. "We don't know anything for certain yet, Carter. It might take some time to find out what exactly happened."

"You must know something!" Carter demanded. "What about my mother?"

Jake's eyes swept over the smoldering debris. "Carter, you can see for yourself…she didn't have a chance. I'm sorry," he said sympathetically.

"The investigators must have some idea of what happened here. A house just doesn't explode! Was it a gas leak? Hunter said there was no smell of gas when he walked her inside the house."

Jake looked uncomfortably at the ground for a few seconds before raising his eyes to meet Carter's. "It wasn't an accident or a gas explosion. You have a right to know that."

Carter froze. "What?" His body shook. "Are you saying what I think you are?" He choked. "She was murdered?"

He thoughtfully scratched his chin. "We've never had anything like this happen around these parts, Carter. You know that." He looked evenly at him. "We need to determine the motive."

Carter emphatically shook his head. "What vendetta could anyone possibly have against my mother? It doesn't make sense! Who would want her dead?" His eyes narrowed. "My mother didn't have any enemies. You know that, Jake. Could it be a random act?"

"I don't know, Carter."

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