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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Excerpt Wednesday - Revenge

Donna grunted. "You were only thinking about what was between her legs. I told you the bloom would rub off. I and your brothers knew you'd come to your senses and want to move back to the country where you belong."

Jackson knew he'd let her down, and he'd tried to rectify his lapse in judgment. "After we moved back home and you made us move into the trailer with you, I showed her who was boss, didn't I? Just like you taught me, Ma."

"Yes, you did and your brothers and I were proud of you." She patted his knee. "Things will be different now that you're back home."

Jackson scratched his jaw. "Yeah, I told her we were moving back home to live with you until I got us our own trailer near yours." He snorted. "That's when she really started nagging me even more about moving even further away. I warned her she had to learn her place and I didn't allow her to talk to her mother anymore. It's her own fault that she wouldn't listen."

"And don't you let anybody tell you different," his mother said firmly. "She got what was coming to her."

"Yeah, I know." He settled back in his seat as his mind drifted back to that day. The day that changed his life forever. 

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