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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Excerpt Wednesday – Hearts On Fire

Her hand trembled in his. Was she dreaming? Was she really with him all alone in the middle of nowhere? She was certain that she'd wake up any moment. He put a tender hand on her shoulder. She smiled. No, this was real and she was here with him. Anything was possible tonight. "I'd love to stay."

"Good." He turned his head until he was staring into her eyes then bent his head tilting it down to hers.

Her breath momentarily caught in her throat as his lips touched hers sweetly at first, then with a hungry need. She responded to his need with her own. She put her arms around his neck, pressing into his body. She never wanted to let go. His firm lips clung to hers as his tongue found its way into her mouth. A soft moan escaped from her as his hands slowly caressed her back, then gently traveled to her chest where he expertly fondled her heaving breasts with his hands.

His mouth moved from hers and planted soft kisses on her neck and throat. "I want you so badly," he hoarsely whispered.

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