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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Excerpt Wednesday – Twisted Lives

Something clicked in his brain. The abandoned warehouse was where Stephanie Rinehart said her brother had met a man he was running drugs for. This couldn't be a coincidence. "Do you know what their jobs are, Sara?" He hoped this could give him the first solid link to finding the serial killer.

"I think it's some sort of delivery service. I don't know."

"How did you meet Mr. D?"

"I didn't. One night I drove out there with Asher. My brothers set up an interview for him with the guy. I waited outside on Asher's bike. Asher told me he had to meet him alone, and I should stay back where he parked the bike. I don't know why he parked a ways from the building. It was creepy out there with nothing around. I was scared. I could see a light from the building so I walked closer to wait for Asher. I made sure Mr. D couldn't see me, but I could see him in the doorway."

Daniel listened patiently as Sara slurred and stumbled over her words. He was surprised that she was talking at all and hadn't passed out by now. He wrung out the cloth and handed it back to Sara. "Do you think you'd recognize him again?"

"Yeah…maybe. Especially his glasses and mustache."

Daniel's adrenalin started pumping. Mr. D sounded like the same man Stephanie Rinehart described. "Sara, I'm going to ask a very important favor of you."

She nodded.

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